Move More

Time to get moving

Becoming more active is an important part of staying healthy and happy. For many, that means exercising. The recommended amount for adults is 30 minutes each day. Even children 5 – 16 years old have a target of 60 minutes each day.

Sadly, the majority do not exercise that much. It is estimated 12 million adults achieve less than 30 minutes exercise a week. 80% of children fail to achieve their targets, too.

A new understanding

We all see being unfit as not good for us. But did you know that sitting down is also bad for you? After 20 minutes sitting our bodies begin to slow down.

The good news is if we regularly stand or move more, it is really good for our health as well. In other words, we are still being active but in a very different way.

A new opportunity

Regular exercise is important for staying healthy. It reduces the risk of serious illnesses such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes. It strengthens bones and muscles. It helps burn calories and maintain a healthy rate.

Sitting less whilst standing and moving more has a positive effect, too. Not by scheduling activity but making this low-level activity part of everyday routine.

Health and Wellbeing Slough now offers the chance for everyone to be active.

How to get moving

The borough offers lots of support for you to become more active. Health & Wellbeing Slough works in partnership with Active Movement to provide you with an Active Home Pack designed to support you in making simple changes to your life today that will help you for a lifetime

For further information or to request your Active Home Pack, contact our friendly team of Wellness Coaches on
0800 0614734 / 01753 373646

​OR click here  to request your Active Home Pack online


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